Scanner Instructions

These instructions are designed to assist people in the use of basic scanner facilities. They are based on the Hewlett Packard ScanJet 4200C, but have application to nearly all scanners.


Readers are expected to understand basic computer terms and commands, like:

Stage 1 – activate the scanner software

1.1 Locate the scanner software icon on the desktop - usually looks like a scanner.
1.2 Open the software by doing a Left-click on the scanner icon.
1.3 Wait until the software is open.

Stage 2 – Scan the image

2.1 Place the item to be scanned faced down on the scanner.
2.2 Line the item up with the placement marks on the scanner face.
2.3 Select the type of image you wish to create.
2.3.1 Activate the drop down box called “Where do you want the scan to go’
2.3.2 Select the best option from those listed, by a Left-click on it.
2.4 Make optional adjustments as required.
2.5 Initialise the scan by a Left-click on the Button marked ‘Start a new scan’.

Stage 3 – Adjust the image size to the desired size.

3.1 Move the mouse over the initial image in the right-hand window.
3.2 When the targeting cross appears move it over the top left hand corner of where you wish to start the area you are selecting.
3.3 Hold the Left-hand mouse button down and move the targeting cross to the bottom right hand corner of the area to be selected.
3.4 Release the mouse button.
3.5 Fine adjustment of the image size.
3.5.1 Place the mouse on the little box in the middle of the side of the image.
3.5.2 Left-click the mouse and move the line to the desired location, whilst holding the mouse button down.
3.5.3 Release the mouse button.

Stage 4 - Save the scan.

4.1 Save the scan by a Left-click on the Button marked ‘Save the scan now’.
4.2 When the 'Save As' window opens, use the normal windows procedures to locate the folder that you wish to save the scanned image into.
4.3 Give the image a suitable image name.
4.4 Select the image type via the Drop-down box.
4.5 Left-click on the Save button.

Stage 5 – Change the item to be scanned and redo from Stage 2, point 2.1.

Copyright by Ernest E Bywater