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Rivers Region Series

cover A Farmer's Life - 46,200 words - Farmers live life different to most people, their lives are ruled by the land they work and the cycles of nature. James is the son of a farmer who's orphaned by a bushfire. He continues to live with his father's old boss, but knows he has to make his own way in life after school. Life has it's ups and downs, and many challenges for James. He leaves the farm for the Army, but ends up back as a farm worker due to combat wounds. Join James as he meets many challenges and changes in his life. cover Flames of Life - 83,000 words - A young man has a major change of lifestyle forced on him. He becomes a writer, and then something else again. First we read two of his stories about himself, then we follow him as he makes another change to his life and changes the lives of many others in the Rivers Region. In the process he unexpectedly meets his own destiny as well.
cover Mack -124,400 words - A young man with a unique heritage that guides his destiny has to deal with many hard issues starting with the murder of his father while 10 years of age. We follow his life for the next decade while he works to survive, protect his heritage, and fight the man he holds responsible for his father's death. He's more than what he seems, and strives to meet all his responsibilities. cover Michaels Mansion - 53,200 words - A two hundred year old historic building is destroyed by fire when a jet plane taking off from the local airport is shot down by persons unknown. This diary style story tells how the current owner goes about turning a fire gutted building of just five sandstone walls back into the elegant building it once was, despite not having much cash to do it with and having to fight the state bureaucrats. It also talks about his important personal and family events during the reconstruction. The fire is very much a life changing event for the owner and his family.
cover Interesting Times - 97,500 words - They say the Chinese have a curse - May you live in interesting times. A 15 year old boy has a major change of lifestyle forced on him. We follow along while he adjusts to the changes. However, he lives in interesting times and he must deal with them as well as rising to the challengers presented to him. Through all this his true nature shows and he changes the lives of many others in the city of Rivers, and elsewhere

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Damsels in Distress

cover Damsels in Distress Universe Rules - 5,100 words - This book has the main rules for the Damsels in Distress Universe as approved by the universe creator, Lazlo Zalezac. Although not needed to enjoy the stories written in the universe it does help readers of the stories in the series to better understand the details of the operation of the universe, Chaos, and Crossroads and often they get more out of the story because of the knowledge in this book. It is accurate at the time of writing and only includes the approved canon of the universe. There are a few stories where the authors have deviated from these rules but have still provided and interesting story. cover Shiloh - 269,600 words - A Damsels in Distress Story - Shiloh is a land of plains, forests, and mountains on the planet Chaos. The planet's two most powerful Heroes are dead and the bureaucracy of the Crossroads control centre is more of a hindrance than a help, due to treachery within their ranks. Kyle Alexander is the heir to Jonas the powerful Lord of Shiloh, he must now take up his inheritance due to Jonas' unexpected death, and solve many problems while fighting enemies and protect his people on both Earth and Chaos
cover Chaos Calls 01: Learning Visit, First Rescue, Dragon Dilemma - 139,800 words - On the planet Chaos Damsels are in Distress and need rescuing by human males behaving within the hero's code. Al Adams from Finding Home is recruited to help rescue ladies. Using machines they don't understand human heroes go Chaos to make rescues. Things are worse than usual as some humans try to take over the operation and all the world. Al's first three visits to the aptly named planet of Chaos are here for his adventures in a medieval environment. Al learns about Chaos and is taken to see it. On his first visit as a Hero he must prepare for the trip. A rescue is chosen and plans made. But they must alter to suit the changing situation on the ground. He also establishes himself on Chaos. The next visit has a problem when he's asked to make a rescue all the other Heroes see as a form of suicide! The Damsels are held by Dragons, a protected species he can't hurt. They're big, and dangerous! What can he do? He's their last hope, dare he refuse, like the others have?

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General Stories

cover Ed's New Life - 114,900 words - In the process of saving a young woman he loves a 48 year old man learns she also loves him. Used to living in the shadow world of espionage he must now make a stand in the general community while helping to clean up a mess of the lives of others made by the predatory he saved his love from. He becomes part of a large mixed family as they all learn about life, love, and human sexuality.

Be warned: This is a highly erotic story that explores the human condition and the differences between emotional and physical relationships. It explores how they affect human development and growth, as well as how you look at life. There are graphic sex scenes.
cover Finding Home - 273,700 words - This is an action adventure story. But it's also about a boy who suffers a terrible loss and just continues to exist while he learns the truth of the quote about no man being an island. Through the journey in this tale, he finds a family and his way home. Story does include some explicit sex scenes which relate to sub-plots and character development. It involves sport and school too.
cover Kim: Power Play - 55,500 words - Kim is badly injured in an incident at school, an accident that should never have happened. He's a teenage boy with a reputation of being an unstoppable force that always gets things done. Recovering from injuries that should have been fatal he lives 'in interesting times' as he sets out to prove the doctors wrong. He's determined he'll walk again; if his powerful enemies let him live that long. cover Modern Day Witch Hunt - 15,000 words - This is not a story but a true accounting, in a report format, of the abuse of office by a number of people, and how they go about causing trouble for people who dare to believe in things different to them. In this case they use the cry of 'Child Porn' to scare people into accepting what they want. However, things don't always go the way they want. Sadly, this matter still has a long way to go.

All the characters and events portrayed in this book are real, but some of the names are changed or avoided to protect the innocent, and those guilty of misuse or abuse of their office.
cover No Names - No Pack Drill - 24,900 words - This is not a story about combat, but a recounting of the activities of my father, a transport driver, and his friends in the Australian Army during World War 2. It's the incidents and events they talked about over a drink when they got together to remember the old days. Most are funny, in many ways, and some are frightening. They convey what they did to stay sane, and also why they were there. Included is the poetry by the author, nearly all of which was written whilst on active service. With some pictures and drawings from that time. cover Odd Man in College - 90,300 words - Lyn Davies is the Odd Man In as against being the Odd Man Out. In many ways Lyn is the sort of person to vanish into the crowd, even one as small as four people, despite many stand-out abilities. However, just after Lyn graduates from high school Life delivers Lyn three strikes. However, this isn't baseball, so Lyn is down, but not out. While trying to stand Lyn is served some fast balls, but manages to deal with each one. One is a tricky curve ball that's just what Lyn needs for a solid base hit and get on with life with an unusual animal for his Pet as Therapy program.
cover Play Ball - 74,700 words - Due to family matters a teen boy moves to the USA, where he learns to play, and like playing, baseball. He works hard and enjoys his baseball. To him it's a fun sport, but he can't resist when they offering him good money to play professional baseball. However, there's one problem, few paid ball players are true professionals. He must choose between playing in a situation he doesn't like, or walking away from good money, and playing where he likes to play for the fun. cover Rob Remembers - 53,600 words - A young man at university is undergoing counseling, and writes his memories of the days around some fairly traumatic events in his life, events that resulted in the need for the counseling. These include the death of his parents, and how he becomes much closer with his sisters and some other friends, much closer. Warning, includes explicit sex scenes and adult themes.
cover Rough Diamond - novel of 58,600 words - An Australian schoolboy discovers he can move small objects with his mind. His family moves to Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and he uses his special skill to 'win' money at casinos. His exceptional skills at winning bring him some unwanted attention from some people, including the Department of Homeland Security. He objects to their actions and soon a state of war exists between his family and the DHS (and the people behind them).

This fast paced story tells how he and his family take on a major US government department and The Group behind them misusing government power. The odds are heavily in favour of one side - but which side? - There is a preview on the print version page. 58,600 words
cover Same Sex Marriage Debacle - 6,300 words - Gary, the brother of Pastor James visits his brother after many years away from him, and gives him advice on how to deal with the Same Sex Marriage Debate. He follows the advice and things happen that upsets a lot of people
cover Stand in Time - 93,200 words - A man is moving to the USA with his family, but at the last minute his work won't release him from his contract early, as previously agreed. So a cousin who's also a close friend stands in to fill his role as father in helping the rest of the family move on the organised date. But something goes wrong when they get to the USA and the man is kidnapped by a group set on world domination. They brainwash him and send him back in time to help them take control and bring about a different end to the War Between the States.

How badly can it affect their plans when they grab the wrong man? Can one man make a difference?
cover Star Performance - novel of 56,700 words - Sixteen year old Hal Smith is a quiet, unassuming, teen boy with a bad knee and no dreams. Taught to help people, he does; without thinking before acting. In Year Ten in a new city and school, it's a year of living in interesting times as he's often in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the right thing. He'd once dreamt of being an international athlete and had the skills to make them true, but lost them helping a stranger; and delivered a Star Performance greater than most athletes can ever do.

Events happen to him, and he shapes them to the advantage of his friends and himself. In the process, they learn about Hal and that he has secrets; one he doesn't want to explain, one he'd like to forget - but is reminded with every step he takes, and another he doesn't even think about. But his past comes back to meet him, and to help shape his future.s.
cover The Contagion - 11,400 words - There's a deadly virus sweeping the world bringing the recent dead back to life. A Think Tank Group is visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Complex when the problem is recognised and the alert issued. The senior members of the Think Tank group are called into an emergency conference with all the senior military of the area where the Commander of the United States Northern Command lays out the problem and relays their orders from the Pentagon. Maximilian 'Mad Max' Milton, the second in charge of the Think Tank Group demonstrates the reason for his nickname, and then the war is on with the dangerous dead afflicted with The Contagion. Will they win the war, can they win the war? 11,400 words. cover Times of Old - 61,100 words - A man is killed by religious militants while protecting his fellow workers. He unexpectedly wakes up to find he's been abducted by aliens and they have an offer for him. He accepts the offer to be placed in an environment like Earth was 35,000 to 40,000 years ago, complete with animals and humans of that time. But there's a catch, it's a one-way trip and he's a star in their version of a reality broadcast show. They supply some gear to help him survive, and now it's up to him to do so.
cover Will to Survive - 64,300 words - A simple training exercise with brand new fighter aircraft goes very wrong when some thieves are where they shouldn't be and get mistaken for the target drones. The resulting explosion has many consequences for everyone involved, and Will March ends up living in some turbulent times in another era. Read how Will survives those first few years which are the dangerous beginnings of his new life.

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Clan Amir Series

These two books are anthologies of a group of short stories, novellas, and novels of the story arc of the significant events in the South-east Asian country of Berant.

cover Clan Amir - The Berant U MAMA Wars - 153,200 words - The small Asian country of Berant was a country built on a warrior tradition that has to adjust to the twentieth century, along with the rampant greed and associated problems of the modern business world. They don't like it, and find their own way of moving into modern life while protecting their old ways where they can. One of those old ways is being prepared to stand up and be counted, so many do.

This includes the previously published books: A Fighting Heritage, The Shukra War, The U MAMA War, and covers the major military conflicts between the legal Berant government and a group of rich US businessmen who seek to take of the country for their personal profit. They start soon after World War 2 and continue over 70 years. Some of the 8 stories are:

Granite Mannheim: A revolution sees troubles in the country of a young boy born to two cultures with strong fighting traditions. His family has trouble leaving the war zone, other family members help out, at a terrible cost - he sees the cost and understands why they paid it. These events shape the character of a young boy, and this is later shown when he reaches high school in his other country. This shows his strength of character, which is further demonstrated in a later story in the series.

The Dareed War: Granite Mannheim and his new regiment are on exercises when they see the neighbours invading. They're all that stands between the invaders and the bulk of the country, so they do what they're trained for; head for a spot to stand and fight while they wait for help to arrive. One regiment against 50,000 enemy troops, and his men learn why they call him Granite.

Darmore Demon: November 1983, a young woman realises her life long ambition - to join the Royal Guards - we follow her joining and her first posting. Young and new to the military, but very different to what they usually get. Is she more than she seems? Yes and no.

The Shukra War: U MAMA want a base close to Berant, what better than to take control of the neighbour, Shukra, so they buy the leading generals and stage a revolution. But will it work? Or will ancient legends defeat them?

Gordie's Gophers Gather: It's time for Gerry to attack his main enemies, but first he must gather his special assault team. This is the story of his recruitment drive for a very special team of people to lead his attack on U MAMA. Plus some events that happen while he's out recruiting them.
cover Clan Amir - The Falcon - 196,300 words - Follow the growth and development of an unusual young man - Gordon 'Gerry' Mannheim. He's descended from the direct blood lines of both the Berant Royal lines, and can count every Berant king amongst his ancestors. A young man whose non-Berant ancestors include warriors of note, too. Born to a clan of warriors, born in a warrior society. Born to be a protector of his people, destined to protect his people and his country. Watch this Berant Falcon grows up while he develops the skills and abilitiess he'll need to protect his people and his country. Follow he grows from a child to a young man, and he learns what he's capable of, and how to use his abilities to defend his people from their from many enemies - both within and without.

This includes the previously published books: Falcon Chick, Falcon Fledgling, The Day of Blood, The Falcon in Flight, About Berant. Some of the 36 stories are:

Budding Businessman: Dani-girl, Gordie's sister, asks him to help find a job for an old school friend, as she wishes to return to the region. At the same time, Gordie is ready to start his own business and needs an adult as a manager, so he can continue his school studies. Sometimes, multiple problems solve each other. And often resolutions create new problems. Can these new business people solve all the problems and get into business?

Dani-girl: A young woman from a family of warriors faces her destiny - head on. Through an unusual and close link to her young genius brother, he's more aware of events than you think. This story is part of a series that follows events that shape his life and destiny, this is one event at a critical time in his life. It answers the questions 'What IS a warrior?' 'Can a warrior also be a pacifist?'

Kelly: Geordie's sister Kelly is kidnapped and he searches for her. Finding her he takes action to recover her. In doing so he loses more than he can imagine and learns he's only human. A boy is forced to take on the mantle of adulthood.

Crafty People: An international group of crafty criminals prove very hard to catch, but can they deal with a young genius in his early teens. Which of them is the craftiest?

Someone Very Special: A young genius who is rich and born to power, is also an empath, and he finally meets someone very special. A brief, but interesting courtship follows.

Games for Children: A company is taken over, and the new owners renege on an arrangement with the View Port Orphanage. Gerry is notified, and he steps in to help. The result is a major change in the situation, and more fun for the kids. But there are some problems to be overcome. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, except in the corporate world - never let kids down, it can hurt you.

French Follies: Gerry has to visit Europe to resolve some political issues, and has the bad luck to visit a school when some terrorists wish to use it for their purposes. Badly outnumbered, his security team do their duty. Sometimes, the best a warrior can do is to die hard, to help his friends who will arrive later.

The Lost Ones: A clan is about to have its annual meeting of the whole clan when a disaster strikes that threats the clan's very survival. They have little to fight with, but fight with all they have - their courage and determination to survive as a clan. Will the lost ones be found?

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Single Story Collections

cover Zombie & Hell Hound - 49,700 words -

Zombie: An Australian soldier is killed in Afghanistan. Years later a young girl is abducted near her school in a rural Australian town. A strange man in worn Army desert camos discovers the girl, but she has a rare blood group and is bleeding to death. It's a race against time. The local community pulls together to help by donating blood; neighbours and strangers are determined to help her. A nearby Army base also helps this daughter of a well respected officer who died in Afghanistan. On the first days of her stay in the hospital there are some mysterious incidents, and some interesting revelations.

Hell Hound: 'Once a Marine, always a Marine.' was the code he lived by. His dictionary had no definition for 'impossible:' an exceptional man who wouldn't let his superiors stop him from doing what he saw as his duty, even if it's by himself after being retired. The story is told by his niece who's concerned about how the authorities are trying to rewrite his life for their own purposes
cover Out of Reach & Still Out of Reach - 54,400 words -

Out of Reach:
A shy fifteen year old genius moves when his father is promoted from a country town to a city. In a situation unusual for him he meets a girl who is soon his great love he wants to grow old with. He has a dark secret which puts his dream out of reach and will remain so. Due to his love he faces his greatest fears and defeats them to be with her. He spends his life loving a girl, only to marry her when his dream is impossible to fulfil. - Some mild sex scenes.

Still Out of Reach: The story continues with some events in Melissa's life after Ernie's death. His spirit lives on, in her and others. The strength of his spirit and their love gives them the moral strength to stand up and do what's right in hard situations. Melissa she lives up to his dreams, and helps others to live his dreams too. They get closer to fulfilling his dream, but it remains out of reach while they make it possible for other generations to reach out and grab the star as they go forward, guided by his spirit
cover New Computing World & Other Short Stories - 50,000 words of short stories -

New Computing World: Love or hate computers, you'll love this story. This satirical tale of the humiliation of Little Electronic Technologies and the destruction of their computer software monopoly is told from a future viewpoint, as a college assignment. Some determined computer geeks take on the global might of LET, and win! They defeat LET by getting deep inside their own software!

CIA Exposed: What happens when a group of techno nerds develop new technology and refuse to share it with the CIA? A disaster and a cover up is what happens.

Wrong Secrets: Old chapels, alien bases, protected ancient secrets - fiction, fantasy, myth, or legend? An ethical investigator travels to Scotland to research if a secret alien base is beneath a curiously decorated chapel. He uncovers centuries old hidden mysteries, and signs a contract not to tell about them, but publishes his findings anyway. First published as Roslyn Research Yields Templar Secrets - I've returned to my original title.

Knocker: He's been given a royal decree, get a door knocker, so he does. Inspired by the Knocker contest image but not long enough to be an entry in it. Yes, the knocker is real, I've seen pictures of the model before, but it's not my image, and I don't know where this one is.

Grammar: The solicitors from Nutt, Case, and Friend prove using correct grammar is very important. And a government department learns, how important.

Truth About Paradise: Their beliefs are true - but not as they think.

Fun Run: The Ghost Reporter of the local newspaper is at the finish line of the 20 km City Fun Run. What he sees and reports moves his column from page three to the front page.

One Small Step: A student doing his master's degree does research into the Apollo 11 moon landing and the claimed hoax. He has some startling discoveries to announce when he delivers his final paper.

Coming Home: - Father has been away 3 years. His young family's meeting him at the airport. - -
In a review Bad Fred, said, "It's poignant, and you hit the right notes. If I didn't know it was your story and trust you, I would have drifted away in the first few paragraphs. It moved slowly. It was lovely, but it wasn't hitting my "what happens next?" buttons. Well, until the end when it all comes together. Readers who stick with it will be rewarded."

Always a Marine: What does an old man do when confronted with danger? He remembers what he is, he remembers his oath to "fight all enemies, foreign and domestic." The story title says it all.
cover The Wrong Way & Other Short Stories - 67,200 words - All these stories involve some graphic sex scenes and are recommended for adults only. The last five stories were originally written by Cazna Rochester and revised by Ernest Bywater, the others are by Ernest Bywater. The stories in this book are:

The Wrong Way - or Is It?: A girl goes for a walk in the woods and gets lost, the searchers can't find her, but her destiny does. There's nothing that should upset anyone as this is a drama with some sex.

Naughty Jo: Details of an encounter between a poster of lesbian stories and another member on a lesbian story discussion forum.

Photographic Problems: A photographer helps out an old friend, another photographer, and saves him from being ripped off by two sets of gold diggers. When the second gold digger sets her sights on him, he turns things and ends up with some teenage wives, as does his friend.

Sorority Staff: A high school student recounts some events that changed his life when he turned sixteen.

Come the Dawn: A drug researcher and his daughters catch and punish some local high school students who've been ruining his experiments, by using the drugs to turn them into sex slaves.

Teacher's Pets: A high school teacher recounts her meeting some ex students and how she made them her slaves. It includes a few incidental things as well.

Teacher's Education: A high school teacher recounts her meeting some ex students and how they used her, and how she turned it around with some family help.

Revenge for the School: This short story covers an unfinished item in Connard Wellingham's story 'The Girls'School.' At the end of that story a young man badly misbehaves and then betrays a trust, placing many at risk. Those most affected by his behaviour get special help to extract a revenge for his betrayal; this is the start of that story. NB: This is well outside my comfort zone.

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Stories with Cazna Rochester

cover Power Tool - 268,100 words - A man's body is destroyed at work. His company use him in their cyborg project. He comes home to realise his niece and friends are young women, not girls. He has human emotions and inhuman skills. Her sixteenth birthday party is a two week sleep over pool party starting soon. Events happen as his killers try again and he objects. A new life of teaching and learning. He wonders which is his most powerful tool, his body, his mind, or his heart. Which tool has the most effect on his life and those around him? The story has graphic sex scenes. cover Breeder Ships 01 - 46,800 words - A Breeder World Story - World War Three has come and gone, most of the world population are dead. The survival of the race is now at grave risk and society has changed beyond recognition. Learn what happened and what was done to keep the human race alive. - A breeder male joins a cruise ship for his regular cruise, but slightly out of his normal cycle. He encounters some difficulties which require him to make known some things he'd previously kept quiet as he starts to make some significant changes in his life while dealing with the difficulties he encounters. The story has graphic sex scenes
cover Debt Collection - 55,300 words - A man is talked into loaning his ex-wife some money. When she can't pay on time, he takes it out of her hide as the star for his own home porno flick and humiliating her. He's surprised when the rest of her family want in on the deal, but they have many more surprises for him as well. The story has graphic sex scenes cover New Slaves - 34,500 words - An older man, enjoying the 'flashing' game of some high school seniors, is happy when they allow him to take it a step further. An annoying teenage boy is put in his place when he tries to hassle the girls.This encourages the girls to go much further. Things take an interesting turn when he takes them home, and the developing situation soon involves their sister, mother, and friends. The story has graphic sex scenes

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Help Guides and Commentaries

cover Writer Guides - 10,800 words - A basic guide for beginning writers on what you need to think about and decide on before you start to put your story down in words. This very light read is not about the proper use of grammar and sentence structure in English, but about how to get ready to write. cover Make a Good E-pub - 2,800 words - I didn't like how most e-pub files appeared to be huge blocks of text. So I went to the trouble of learning how to make one look better. This is how I developed an e-pub file that looked acceptable to me.?
cover Social Inertia & Keyboards - 3,200 words - A historical accounting and perspective on how the past continues to shape some aspects of today, despite improved technology to make things better.

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