Identifying Components

This is a work in progress and will expand as time permits.

USB Ports

The USB ports on a computer are rectangular slots about the size of an Australian dollar coin. There are three main locations on the computer where you can find them; the back panel near the PS2 connectors, in the expansion card slots and on the front of the computer. Below is a drawing of a common back panel with all the ports marked, followed by a picture of the back of a computer with the two built in USB ports circled in yellow and three more USB ports in an expansion card slot, also circled in yellow. The front mounted ports will look the same and may be hidden behind a door panel.


The majority of motherboards have their model number painted on the board in large letters, usually in the centre or the front edge. Below are some pictures with the numbers circled in yellow, notice how much bigger than the other text the numbers are. Once you have the motherboard model number you can then find the manufacturer's web site via a search engine and visit it to get more technical information, latest drivers or manuals. Some manufacturers stop making this information available after the board's designed life span is up.

The number for this board is P2L97. BTW it is an ASUS board , notice the name on the chip.

Notice the number on this board is in a different location that is hard to read from this angle.

This is a closer photo and shows it is a CUSI-FX model, and note the serial number on the white sticker.

The numbers come in all styles and mixes, some even have the controlling chip set number as part of the model number. Some other common number styles I have seen are: M547, M547LM, AL440LX, B430X-GB.

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